Maintaining Normalcy and Keeping Records: Tips for HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining Normalcy and Keeping Records: Tips for HVAC Maintenance

Three Reasons Not To Skimp On Your Ductwork

by Wanda Franklin

If you're having a new HVAC system installed, ductwork can be one of the easiest things to overlook. This important component of your home's heating and cooling system stays quietly out of sight, so it's easy to forget that it serves a central role in keeping your house comfortable. Keep reading to discover just three of the many reasons why poor ductwork installation can lead to headaches and costly fixes down the line.

Leaks Cost You Money

If your ducting isn't properly sealed, it may leak from the outset or develop leaks over time. Even worse, minor leaks that are difficult to notice early on may worsen as your HVAC system is used.

The primary purpose of your home's ductwork is to deliver properly heated or cooled air to each room, so any leaking air along the way will make reaching the correct temperature that much more difficult. If your rooms aren't being heated or cooled the way they should be, your air conditioning unit or furnace will run longer than it would need to if you had proper ductwork. Ultimately, this will mean higher utility bills for you.

Poor Planning May Lead to Inconsistent Climate Control

Your home's ductwork is designed to evenly heat or cool your entire house. This means that the air traveling through the ducts must reach all rooms uniformly. If there are problems with the design of the ducting system, this can lead to some rooms being too hot while other rooms are too cold. This type of problem may be especially noticeable if the room containing the thermostat is being heated or cooled too quickly or too slowly.

This sort of uneven heating and cooling may be the result of leaks, but it can also be caused by ducts that have been forced around corners that are too tight. This creates an obstruction of airflow, which can lead to certain rooms receiving less air than others. 

Badly Placed Vents Restrict Interior Design

No one likes being limited in how they arrange their own home, but vents that have been poorly placed in a room can make it difficult to place furniture or decorative elements. This is especially true of floor or wall vents that may be somewhat inconvenient to work around, even in the best of circumstances. Since vents must remain clear in order to allow unimpeded airflow into the room, vents that have been placed in bad or awkward locations can make it difficult to arrange the furniture in your rooms in a way that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. To avoid problems like this, make sure your ductwork installation is done properly the first time.


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Maintaining Normalcy and Keeping Records: Tips for HVAC Maintenance

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