Maintaining Normalcy and Keeping Records: Tips for HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining Normalcy and Keeping Records: Tips for HVAC Maintenance

Three Air Conditioning Myths You May Have Heard

by Wanda Franklin

Myths and misinformation can contribute to homeowners making serious mistakes with their home's air conditioning system. To minimize the risk that you encounter some avoidable repairs or other issues, you will want to make sure that you have some of the more commonly believed myths about air conditioners corrected.

Myth: It Is Harmless For The System To Ice Over

At some point, it is likely that your air conditioning system will ice over. When this problem arises, the system will no longer be able to function as the ice will block the air from entering the system. Also, the ice can cause the tubing in the air conditioner to rupture, which could require major repairs to correct. This problem can often be attributed to the system's condenser coils becoming extremely dirty. Regularly cleaning the system and changing the air filter are the best ways of preventing it from icing over.  

Myth: Minor Flooding Won't Damage The Exterior Unit

It is common for water to pond and collect around the exterior air conditioning unit. Often, homeowners assume that this will not pose a significant threat to the system. However, it can be possible for this ponding water to rise high enough to start to enter the system. When this occurs, the interior wiring and other electrical components can suffer serious damage. Investing in gutters to help improve the drainage around the exterior unit can be a worthwhile investment to make in your property as it will reduce the risk of this damage occurring.

Myth: Cleaning The Ducting Provides No Benefit

As the years pass by, the ducting in your home will start to become increasingly dirty. This will have a variety of effects on life in your home. For example, this can increase the allergens in the air, which can cause respiratory problems for many people. Also, these substances can contribute to the system producing a musty or unpleasant odor when it is running. Sadly, cleaning the interior of the ducting can be extremely difficult without the appropriate tools. Every few years, you may want to hire a professional duct cleaning service to tend to this part of your home.

When you believe some common myths and misconceptions, you will put yourself at a disadvantage when you are making decisions about your home's air conditioning system. If you are aware of the issues icing over can cause the system, the dangers that flooding will pose, and the need to have the ducting regularly cleaned, getting the best performance out of your air conditioning system will be a far less confusing task for you. For more information, contact a professional ac repair service.


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Maintaining Normalcy and Keeping Records: Tips for HVAC Maintenance

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